Washoe County District Attorney Educates Residents About New Crime Victims’ Rights Measure and Implementation


Just weeks into the new year and victims of crime in Nevada have more information available to them about their cases thanks to Marsy’s Law for Nevada crime victims’ rights law. The measure known as Question 1 on the ballot was approved last November by Nevada voters. Legal experts across Nevada are tasked with making sure their policies and procedures involving victims include the rights and consideration now required in the Constitution with the passage of Marsy’s Law.

Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks won his second term in office this past November. Among his first actions in 2019 has been the implementation of Marsy’s Law. During a March television interview Mr. Hicks said Marsy’s Law is focused on, quote, “…more information for victims, more protections for victims, and an equal playing field in the criminal justice system.” The Washoe County DA says his office has always taken pride in its efforts to keep victims informed during the judicial process. To help ensure the new letter of the law is being adhered to, Hicks says his office brought together criminal justice partners to lead in the training and implementation of the program across Washoe County. Hicks has also provided information about the implementation to interested residents at recent community meetings in northern Nevada.

In the interview Mr. Hicks said the new procedures in his office include an “advisory form” which provides details about crime victims’ rights under Marsy’s Law. The form has been shared with Washoe County law enforcement agencies and advocacy organizations, so they can immediately advise victims of their rights and the resources available. Hicks says once a criminal case reaches the District Attorneys’ office the prosecutors also send a letter to victims advising them of the process, resources, and their options under Marsy’s Law. “We give them the opportunity to ‘opt in’ to make sure they are aware of every possible hearing,” says Hicks.

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Chris Hicks has been with the District Attorney’s Office since 2005. He was first sworn in to the post of District Attorney in 2015, and is now in his second term. Hicks and his Washoe County DA colleagues have successfully prosecuted thousands of cases including the Brianna Denison abduction/murder case, and the murder case of Nevada State Controller Kathy Augustine.

Equal Rights for Nevada Crime Victims. It’s just fair.


Marsy’s Law for Nevada requires victims have the:

* Right to receive information about the services available to crime victims

* Right to be treated with fairness and respect throughout the criminal justice process

* Right to be protected from the defendant

* Right to notice of all public proceedings in the case

* Right to be reasonably heard, upon request, at all public proceedings regarding the case

* Right to reasonably confer with the prosecuting agency, upon request, regarding the case

* Right to full and timely restitution




History of Marsy’s Law

The effort is named after Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in California in 1983. A week later he was released pending his court proceedings and went face to face with the victim’s family, who had no idea he was out of jail. Today, work is underway to secure a voice and protection for victims’ and their families, nationwide. Marsy’s Law measures have already passed in California, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Nevada.

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