Senator Heller Endorses Marsy's Law

Today, Senator Dean Heller joins with the efforts being made by groups and countless individuals across the state and announces his endorsement of Marsy’s Law for Nevada – Question 1 on the November ballot.

All across the county April 8th – 14th is recognized as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. It is a week to bring attention to and reflect on efforts that often does not receive the attention they deserve. In Nevada, the 2015 and 2017 Legislative Sessions passed measures that will help fortify these rights for victims of crime.

In a press release from the Senator's official office - which can be found here - Heller stated “As a champion of policies that will crack down on human trafficking, provide resources for sexual and domestic violence survivors, and improve the criminal justice system’s response to these crimes, I am proud to announce my support for Marsy’s Law during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Just like the accused, victims deserve to have guaranteed rights that are clearly defined. Victims and their families have been through enough in the wake of a tragedy – they should not be faced with additional trauma. I am pleased that Nevada now has the opportunity to ensure that victims of crimes are fully protected.”

As we move closer to November, the hope is that voters in Nevada pay attention to not only to the individuals running for office, but to the ballot measures that most directly impact their lives. and vote YES on Question 1.