Saying "Thank You" As Support Continues to Grow

A big “thank you” to community leaders and organizations uniting to support victims’ rights and learn more about the many ways Marsy’s Law for Nevada will help residents in every part of our state. 

The Police Chief of Carlin in northern Nevada, Dennis Fobes, has signed his name to the effort for protected rights for crime victims. Chief Fobes comes from a long line of law enforcement professionals including his father, Gordon Fobes, who was Elko, Nevada’s longest serving Police Chief.  

Joining the Chief this week are two city councilmen from Henderson, Nevada; John Marz and Dan Shaw. Both have a long history of community service for their neighbors, and we appreciate their support.  

Also this week, Sean Flignor was invited to speak at the Paradise Democratic Club luncheon in Las Vegas. He provided an overview of Marsy’s Law and the benefits it would provide for residents who fall victim to crime. 

Marsy’s Law for Nevada was also proud to sponsor the luncheon at the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence Annual Conference. Assistance and resource organizations from across Nevada united for the annual gathering. The advocacy professionals heard from respected experts as they considered best practices to reduce domestic and sexual violence and help the victims. Marsy’s Law for Nevada Executive Director, Will Batista, provided attendees insight on the impact of the passage of this victims’ rights measure.  

Marsy’s Law for Nevada will ensure that crime victims receive information about their case in a timely fashion, are treated fairly through the judicial process, and are given the reasonable opportunity to be heard during the case. Just as the accused have important protected rights, the victims deserve a protected voice, information and consideration during the judicial process. 

We thank the civic leaders and citizens who continue to stand up for the rights of the victims of Nevada by endorsing Marsy’s Law. Look for us across the Silver State at upcoming events, and feel free to alert us to activities in your city that might be great venues for us to hand out information and talk to citizens. We’ll keep you updated on Marsy’s Law for Nevada here on the website, Twitter, and Facebook.

You’ll have the chance to vote on the measure in November 2018. In the meantime, help spread the word. All Nevadans deserve stronger crime victims’ rights through Marsy’s Law for Nevada.