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Fox 5 Las Vegas - National Crime Victim's RIghts Week in Nevada

Fox 5 Las Vegas (KVVU)

2018 Crime Victims Rights Week - Marsy's Law for Nevada

More than 95,000 cases of “Index Crimes” including murder, rape, robbery, property crimes, and more, were investigated across Nevada according to the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report of 2016.   Just like the suspects in criminal cases, we believe the victims of crime in Nevada deserve guaranteed rights when going through the judicial process.  That is the goal of Marsy’s Law for Nevada.  Marsy’s Law for Nevada seeks to even the scales of justice for Nevada victims with passage of a ballot Question 1 which will be voted on this Fall.

Lander County Sheriff Stands Up for Crime Victims

Lander County Sheriff Stands Up for Crime Victims

March 2018 ***MEDIA ADVISORY***

Lander County Sheriff Ron Unger has joined colleagues from across Nevada in support of Marsy’s Law for Nevada/Question 1 on the November ballot. Sheriff Unger oversees law enforcement efforts across 5,500 square miles in central Nevada. The county seat and largest town is Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Elko Police Chief & District Attorney Say Yes

Elko Police Chief & County DA Say YES to Crime Victims’ Rights Question 1

March 2018 ***MEDIA ADVISORY***

It’s a “Yes Votefrom Elko city and county officials and law enforcement. Marsy’s Law for Nevada supporters are happy to announce that Elko Police Chief Ben Reed and the Elko County District Attorney, Tyler Ingram have now endorsed the crime victims’ rights effort set to be voted on this fall. They join their city and county colleagues in supporting the statewide initiative. Marsy’s Law for Nevada received earlier endorsements from Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts, the Elko County Commission, as well as the entire Elko City Council.

Winnemucca & Humboldt County Endorsements

March 2018 ***MEDIA ADVISORY***

Winnemucca and Humboldt County Leaders Unite on Behalf of Crime Victims

Marsy’s Law for Nevada is proud to announce that the civic leaders of Winnemucca and Humboldt County have united to stand together for efforts to benefit victims of crime in Nevada. Marsy’s Law for Nevada now has the endorsement of Winnemucca Mayor Di An Putnam, Council members Jim Billingsley, Paige Brooke, Theresa Mavity, Vince Mendiola, and Mike Owens. Also lending his name to the effort is Winnemucca Police Chief Bill Dalley.

Continuing our work in Rural Nevada

Marsy’s Law for Nevada supporters are spreading the word about Question 1 and this effort to secure guaranteed and enforceable rights for victims of crime.  Our team has been in all parts of the Silver State the past week providing information about the ballot measure to community leaders and civic organizations. 

February 2018 Newsletter

The campaign efforts for Marsy’s Law for Nevada kicked off the week of February 19th - uniting victims, law enforcement, civic leaders and advocacy groups as we officially announced the “YES on 1” ballot question. 


Closing Out 2017

As 2017 comes to a close we are honored to announce that Marsy’s Law for Nevada has gained the support of more than one-hundred civic leaders across the Silver State.  From Las Vegas to Winnemucca, Elko to Reno, and all parts in between, Marsy’s Law for Nevada is seeing civic leaders statewide championing this measure.

Remembering During the 2017 Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and while we celebrate the festive time of family and friends, we also remember the less fortunate, those facing challenges of life, and those who have been victimized.  Marsy’s Law for Nevada will put a spotlight on the victims of crime by securing a protected voice through the judicial process. 

Recapping Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2017

As we spread the word about Marsy’s Law for Nevada crime victims’ rights effort we meet so many wonderful residents, civic leaders and members of organizations.  As we stand up for the rights of victims of crime, we also stand alongside a host of important and impactful organizations making a difference every day across Nevada.  Many of these work directly with victims of crime and domestic violence.