Continuing our work in Rural Nevada

Marsy’s Law for Nevada supporters are spreading the word about Question 1 and this effort to secure guaranteed and enforceable rights for victims of crime.  Our team has been in all parts of the Silver State the past week providing information about the ballot measure to community leaders and civic organizations. 

The result?  We’re proud to announce another round of outstanding leaders are joining Marsy’s Law for Nevada and endorsing this effort on behalf of their neighbors.

In the past week along YES ON 1/Marsy’s Law for Nevada has received the signatures of the following individuals, and all members of the government entities:


  • Elko County District Attorney Tyler Ingram
  • The Henderson City Council
  • The Humboldt County Commission
  • The Lovelock City Council
  • The Pershing County Commission
  • Winnemucca Police Chief Bill Dailey
  • The Winnemucca City Council
  • The White Pine County Commission


Voicing her support for the effort this week is Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, who feels passage of Question 1 is very important for citizens across Nevada.  Her colleagues on the Las Vegas City Council have each endorsed the measure.

We thank each of these public servants for their time, dedication to their neighbors, and their vision for their communities.  The number of individual civic leaders and advocacy organizations now supporting or endorsing Marsy’s Law for Nevada is fast approaching 150 statewide.  They stand strong with the thousands of Nevada citizens who are calling for equal rights and enforceable consideration for victims of crime. 


Our presentations and meeting with citizens and leaders will continue across Nevada.  If we haven’t met your organization yet simply contact us and we will happily add you to our calendar. 


Our goal is to ensure that every Nevada voter knows the importance of Question 1/Marsy’s Law when they go to the polls this fall. 


No one wants to be the victim of crime, but every victim deserves Marsy’s Law.


Remember to cast a vote for yourself.  Vote YES on Question 1.


#VictimsRightsNV  #YESon1NV

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For more information visit NV.MarsysLaw.US