Kelsey Grammer Ad for Question 1

October 22, 2018 ***MEDIA ADVISORY***

Five-time Emmy winner Kelsey Grammer shares the heartbreak his family faced after his father and sister were murdered in a new “Yes on Question 1” advertising campaign now airing across Nevada. The new ad will run on cable and broadcast stations as well as online and digital platforms. In this ad Grammer asks Nevada voters to support expanded rights for victims of crime by voting YES on Question 1. The measure would provide guaranteed, enforceable rights for crime victims in the state constitution, while keeping protections already given to defendants accused of crimes.

Grammer is best-known for his starring role in the hit television
Frasier. He witnessed, first-hand, the lack of rights for crime victims and their surviving family members following the murder of his father, Frank Grammer, and then the rape and murder of his sister, Karen Grammer, seven years after his father’s tragic death. Grammer’s family was not notified when his father’s killer was released from prison, which is why Grammer has made it his personal mission to ensure other crime victims are treated with the fairness, dignity and respect they deserve. Grammer was not paid for his participation in the campaign.

“Without strong, enforceable protections in the state constitution, Nevada victims of crime can find themselves feeling lost in the often-confusing criminal justice system. State Director Will Batista goes on to say, “Marsy’s Law for Nevada Question 1 on the ballot, will help ensure that victims are remembered and considered as they move through the judicial process. The accused have important constitutional rights. Question 1 will balance the scales of justice for victims, while preserving due process. We are grateful for Kelsey Grammer’s unwavering support and dedication to this effort on behalf of all victims of crime.

We urge all Nevadans to remember to cast a vote for themselves and Vote YES on Question 1, for victims’ rights.