Endorsements for Marsy's Law for Nevada Continue Strong

It’s been a busy start to September in Nevada as more advocates voice their support for Marsy’s Law for Nevada. Read on for the latest endorsements for equal victims’ rights in our state!

North Las Vegas City Councilman Scott Black is uniting with an ever-expanding list of city and county leaders to endorse Marsy’s Law. The Southern Nevada native says “Marsy’s Law for Nevada will potentially benefit all Nevadans. Any one of us could be a crime victim, and every victim deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Marsy’s Law will make sure a victim is remembered and considered through the legal process.”

Also endorsing the crime victims’ rights effort the first part of September are two more Sheriffs; Churchill County Sheriff Ben Trotter and Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen.

Sheriff Ben Trotter moved to Churchill County in 1995 to join the Fallon Police Department. His law enforcement career includes working a wide range of criminal cases as a Patrol Officer and Sergeant, and as a Detective in the Investigations Division. Trotter was elected to the post of Churchill County Sheriff in 2011. “Our system is built around the protections granted to the accused. Any effort to make a priority of the concerns of victims is well worth the work. Thank you for supporting the rights of victims and for allowing me an opportunity to support those efforts, as well,” said Sheriff Trotter in his letter to advocates.

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen is a sixth-generation Winnemuccan. His law enforcement career began in 1983 when he began working with the Winnemucca Police Department. His work continued at the Nevada Division of Investigations where Allen oversaw various narcotics cases, developed training standards for agencies, and worked on terrorism probes across Nevada. Allen was elected Sheriff of Humboldt County in 2015.

Additionally, West Wendover Mayor Daniel Corona has also officially endorsed Marsy’s Law for Nevada. “I support Marsy’s Law because I believe it is important that victims are protected, especially in cases of domestic violence. I believe that it can make the difference between life or death when a victim knows the status/whereabouts of their abuser,” says Mayor Corona. He is not alone. Dozens of civic leaders including city and county officials, law enforcement, legal experts and advocacy organizations across Nevada agree that Marsy’s Law for Nevada is needed.

Just as the accused have important protected rights, the victims deserve a protected voice, information and consideration during the judicial process. We thank the civic leaders who continue to stand up for the rights of the victims of Nevada by endorsing Marsy’s Law.

Look for us across the Silver State at upcoming events, and feel free to alert us to activities in your city that might be great venues for us to hand out information and talk to citizens. We’ll keep you updated on Marsy’s Law for Nevada here on the website, Twitter, and Facebook.

You’ll have the chance to vote on the measure in November 2018. In the meantime, help spread the word. All Nevadans deserve stronger crime victims’ rights through Marsy’s Law for Nevada.