Elko Police Chief & District Attorney Say Yes

Elko Police Chief & County DA Say YES to Crime Victims’ Rights Question 1

March 2018 ***MEDIA ADVISORY***

It’s a “Yes Votefrom Elko city and county officials and law enforcement. Marsy’s Law for Nevada supporters are happy to announce that Elko Police Chief Ben Reed and the Elko County District Attorney, Tyler Ingram have now endorsed the crime victims’ rights effort set to be voted on this fall. They join their city and county colleagues in supporting the statewide initiative. Marsy’s Law for Nevada received earlier endorsements from Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts, the Elko County Commission, as well as the entire Elko City Council.

Elko Police Chief Reed has more than 35 years of experience working in all facets of municipal law enforcement including Administration, Field Operations, and Detectives. In 2013 Reed was sworn in to lead the Elko law enforcement efforts and serve the 20,000 citizens of Elko.

District Attorney Tyler Ingram was appointed to lead the County prosecutorial office in the fall of 2016. Tyler and his colleagues strive to ensure that justice is achieved and that the rights of victims are safeguarded.

We thank the law enforcement leaders and their City and County colleagues for their strong support of this measure. Approval would bring guaranteed rights through the judicial process which would be embedded in the state constitution. Marsy’s Law would provide more consideration and a voice for any victim of crime in northern Nevada and statewide. Protections for victims that would be enforceable by law as a victim maneuvers through a court case. More than 150 community leaders, law enforcement agencies, advocacy groups and organizations have now endorsed Marsy’s Law for Nevada. They join thousands of citizens who support the measure and follow our social media updates.

Once approved by citizens, Marsy’s Law will guarantee that victims of crime receive protected and enforceable rights and a voice through the judicial process. Residents of Nevada will vote on the issue in November 2018 as Ballot Question 1.

We urge all Nevadans to remember to cast a vote for themselves this fall and Vote YES on 1, for victimsrights.

Equal Rights for Nevada Crime Victims. It’s just fair. #VictimsRightsNV

Marsy’s Law would ensure the:
* Right to receive information about the services available to crime victims

* Right to be treated with fairness and respect throughout the criminal justice process

* Right to be protected from the defendant

* Right to notice of all public proceedings in the case

* Right to be reasonably heard, upon request, at all public proceedings regarding the case

* Right to reasonably confer with the prosecuting agency, upon request, regarding the case

* Right to full and timely restitution

History of Marsy’s Law

The effort is named after Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in California in 1983. A week later he was released pending his court proceedings and went face to face with the victim’s family, who had no idea he was out of jail. Today her brother, Dr. Henry T. Nicholas is working to secure a voice and protection for victims and their families, nationwide. Marsy’s Law measures have already passed in California, Illinois, North Dakota, and South Dakota, and Ohio.

Marsy’s Law Approval

Marsy’s Law/Senate Joint Resolution 17 was first approved by Nevada state lawmakers in 2015 and again in 2017 as required by Nevada law for a constitutional amendment. Marsy’s Law for Nevada will now go to a vote of Nevada residents in 2018 as Ballot Question 1. We urge all Nevadans to remember to cast a vote for themselves in November. Vote YES on 1. #VictimsRightsNV